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Photography as art

Meyer-Optik-Görlitz lenses focus on one thing: the soul of photography. Our benchmark? The uniqueness of the images, far from pixel contests and time pressure.

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A traditional brand revitalised

Since 2014, the venerable Meyer-Optik brand has been enjoying a second lease of life. Its return has introduced a host of new features, set against the backdrop of a long and distinguished history. Find out how the new Meyer-Optik-Görlitz has reinvigorated the legendary Trioplan f2.8/100 with the help of hundreds of photographers from around the world.


Our quality promise

Our products are handmade in Germany. Meyer-Optik-Görlitz lenses give any photographer a timeless tool to create timeless art, with every lens made by hand in Germany.

That’s why we provide a 5-year guarantee with all registrations.


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Made in Germany
A commitment to quality that makes all the difference


Five-year guarantee

All of our lenses are made in Germany - some products are even 100% handmade in Germany. Meyer-Optik Görlitz lenses are made from the best, globally available components in Germany and fine-tuned with great care. Then, all lenses undergo a rigorous inspection process with strict tolerance limits. This is the step that makes every Meyer-Optik-Görlitz lens something truly special. This is how we guarantee that every single lens that we release deserves its Made in Germany label and lives up to our standards and Meyer-Optik-Görlitz’s long history. Each lens has an individual inspection certificate and a 5-year guarantee.
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Photo stories
Well-known photographers show what they can do with our lenses
  • Testimonial

    Trioplan test shoot

    About Trioplan test shoot

    Trioplan test shoot

    We wanted to give René Coburger another chance to give us his thoughts on the Trioplan. René was responsible for the first prototype test shoot in our studio. The result was the perfectly spherical portraits featured in our Kickstarter campaign.


  • Testimonial

    Somnium photo series

    About Somnium photo series

    Somnium photo series

    It will come as no surprise that we love exceptional lenses that provide the freedom needed for artistic composition. When photographers create art with our lenses, we have achieved our goal, but one of our Somniums capturing art in images is something absolutely magical!


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From 2016

We want to support everyone who understands photography as an artistic discipline by providing advice and assistance. Soon, our Meyer Optik School will be going live here on the website. Members of our school can have fun with photography through affordable seminars, free webinars, discussions and a host of tips on the subject.
This includes customers who have registered a lens with us, supported us on Kickstarter or been personally invited by us. All interested parties can also apply with us directly to get started.



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A man who some result intends, must use the tools that best are fitting.
Quotation: Faust, Prelude (Director)
Photo: Meyer-Optik-Görlitz Figmentum