Meyer Optik Görlitz relaunched by OPC Optics following insolvency

Press release

  • OPC Optics acquires Meyer Optik Görlitz trademark rights following the insolvency of Koblenz-based net SE
  • Entrance into the consumer market for OPC Optics
  • Brand to be revitalized as soon as possible
  • Production & products to be optimized, and streamlined portfolio
  • Selling using traditional sales methods - no crowdfunding, no pre-ordering
  • Debts from net SE will regrettably not be assumed


Bad Kreuznach – 12th December 2018 –OPC Optical Precision Components Europe GmbH, based in Bad Kreuznach, has acquired the Meyer Optik Görlitz trademark rights from the insolvent net SE, or SEMI Management GmbH. By taking over Meyer Optik Görlitz, the specialist in aspherical and spherical glass lenses is now also making its entrance in the consumer market. Using its own in-house technological expertise and synergies in lens production, existing products will be optimized, production processes professionalized and new products developed. Following net SE’s regrettable and at times inglorious demise, during which Meyer Optik seemed to be consigned to oblivion, this development is good news for the many Meyer Optik fans across the world, as it means the continuation of the acclaimed series of lenses – such as the Trioplan.

“Following a successful relaunch in 2014, it was regrettable to see how Meyer Optik Görlitz then increasingly lost its reputation in the market through fluctuations in quality, the many crowdfunding projects on a range of platforms, sometimes running in parallel, pre-sales of unreleased lenses via its own website and ongoing delivery delays. Nevertheless, we now have an opportunity to successfully and professionally re-establish a classic German brand with a long tradition in photography,” says Timo Heinze, Managing Director of OPC Optics. "To do this, we will be taking a completely different, more conservative approach, with no crowdfunding schemes or product pre-ordering. As a manufacturer, you simply have to take time to develop a brand like this, to allow your own capacities to grow accordingly and to guarantee consistently high quality.”

Optimization of existing products and changes to the production process

The existing Meyer Optik portfolio recently included around 12 series of lenses. This portfolio, considered quite large for a niche manufacturer, will be analyzed and streamlined accordingly. It is anticipated that popular lines, such as the Trioplan 100 and the P58 (Primoplan), will be continued. At the moment, it is unclear whether the launch of lenses which had just been announced by net SE, such as the APO Plasmat 105 or the Nocturnus DSLR, will ever be realized. As a specialist in high-precision aspherical and spherical lenses, OPC Optics will examine and refine lens models which are considered to be firmly established.

“With our in-house technical expertise, refinement is an obvious and completely logical step. First of all, we will carry out an analysis of the existing constructions and designs. Thanks to the ultimate in high end measuring and manufacturing technology, we are in a position to produce the existing lenses with absolute precision, therefore improving their optical performance. Manufacture of the mechanical components and lens assembly will remain in Germany, to ensure the highest possible quality”, explains Heinze.

Traditional sales methods – no crowdfunding, no pre-ordering

In contrast to the previous, now insolvent supplier of Meyer Optik lenses, OPC Optics will seek to market Meyer Optik using traditional methods. Crowdfunding and pre-ordering of unreleased products will not feature in the business model. In future, OPC Optics will focus on using direct sales and bricks and mortar photography stores. In this way, OPC Optics intends to have a problem-free and, above all, transparent interaction with its customers.

No debt assumption

The takeover by OPC Optics includes all trademark rights for Meyer Optik Görlitz and associated products. Outstanding claims from customers and suppliers remain with net SE. Creditors should therefore contact the net SE administrators regarding such matters. As a supplier of high-precision aspheric lenses, OPC Optics is also among the suppliers to net SE with outstanding claims against them.

As part of the repositioning of the brand, OPC Optics is looking into whether it will be possible to offer price reductions on new purchases of available lenses to net SE customers who have paid for a lens but not received it. On request, customers might be able to receive a discount, on an individual basis. When or whether such this will be possible cannot be confirmed at present.

About Meyer Optik Görlitz

Meyer Optik Görlitz has a long history as a German manufacturer of high-quality lenses. Founded in 1896, Meyer Optik Görlitz has been in almost continuous existence for around 120 years. Thanks to the creativity which makes the Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses possible, the brand enjoys huge popularity worldwide – today as much as always.

About OPC Optics

OPC Optics was founded as a company in 2016 and is based in Bad Kreuznach. In addition to providing technical advice for projects and contract measuring of optical components, OPC Optics is primarily known as a specialist in high-precision aspheric and spherical lenses, as well as double aspheric lenses, achromatic lenses and assembly units. Its customers include companies involved in photography, medical technology, automotive and laser technology. With state-of-the-art machines, OPC Optics focuses on providing the highest possible quality and precision in the manufacture of glass lenses. As a result of comprehensive documentation of the entire process, from molten glass to raw glass processing, right through to the finished lens, OPC Optics is trusted by customers all around the world.