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With the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II Meyer Optik Görlitz releases the third focal length of the famous Trioplan series.
Meyer Optik Görlitz opens new location, including visitable manufactory in the heart of Hamburg.
Meyer Optik Görlitz, until now a brand name only, is operating as an independent company with immediate effect, thus manifesting its basis for future developments.
The photo contest for the anniversary has ended...
Meyer Optik Görlitz has launched its own photo competition. Until the end of May, participants can submit photographs taken with lenses from the Meyer universe and win attractive prizes.
Meyer Optik Görlitz is expanding its Primoplan portfolio with the Primoplan 58 f1.9 II.
With Primoplan 75 f1.9 II, a true legend returns to the portfolio of Meyer Optik Görlitz today. Following the successful releases of Trioplan 100 f2.8 II, Trioplan 50 f2.8 II and Lydith 30 f3.5 II, this new lens heralds the start of the Primoplan series.
Like the two lenses already published, the optical design of the Trioplan 50 f2.8 II has been significantly optimized.
The new Lydith 30 f3.5 II comes with a completely new mechanical design and revised optical design. With the Lydith 30 f3.5 II, OPC Optics now releases one of the sharpest and highest-contrast lenses of Meyer Optiks historical portfolio.
The Trioplan 100 f2.8 II is now available being the first revised historical lens from Meyer Optik Görlitz after the takeover of the traditional brand by the optics specialist OPC from Bad Kreuznach.
After the brand acquisition at the end of 2018 and an extensive reorganization, new versions of the historic lenses and future visions will be presented at Photokina 2020 in Cologne.
Meyer Optik is pushing the revision and optimization of its existing portfolio and has already completed its first projects. The developments are thus on schedule and the first Meyer Optik lenses developed and produced by OPC will be available in late summer 2019.
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