Lydith 30 f3.5 II

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    Focal Length & Aperture: 30mm / f3.5 - f22
    Image-circle diameter: 44mm
    Angle of View: 71°
    Aperture Blades: 10
    Filter diameter: 52mm
    Minimum object distance: 0,15 m
    Length (depends on mount): 53mm - 71mm
    Weight: 230g - 270g
    Housing: Aluminum / black anodized
    Leica-Rangefinder-Coupling: no (LiveView mandatory)
Lydith 30 - then as now something very special Like our Trioplan 50 f2.9 II, the... more


Lydith 30 - then as now something very special

Like our Trioplan 50 f2.9 II, the new Lydith 30 f3.5 II has undergone a complete mechanical redesign. Haptics and handling could be improved and at the same time the compact construction could be maintained. The optical improvements support the brilliant sharpness over the entire image, as well as the faithful color reproduction of the photographed object. The imaging performance of the Lydith 30 f3.5 II achieved in this way leads to its special charm.


Emphasis on the foreground at a high depth of field

The Lydith 30 f3.5 II can produce a 3d-like effect. The object focused in the foreground almost jumps out of the watercolor-like bokeh in the background. In combination with its outstanding colour reproduction properties, it creates unique photographs that tell stories. With the Lydith 30 f3.5 II, moods, emotions and the smallest details are captured alongside the actual motif.


Versatile use

In addition to the classic applications of a 30mm focal length, such as landscape or city photography, the Lydith is ideal for macro photography or working with an macro-rings due to its low close-up limit of 0.15m, its three-dimensional imaging and high sharpness in the close-up range. Portrait images taken with a Lydith 30 give a beautiful character and perfect colour reproduction. The Lydith 30 f3.5 II was also designed for full format and can also be used on APS-C cameras. The "extended focal length" resulting from the crop (e.g. APS-C = Crop 1.5 = 45mm focal length) also allows versatile application possibilities in this case. Like all Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses, the Lydith 30 f3.5 II is manufactured for the most common modern camera connections: Canon EF, Nikon F, Fuji X, Sony E, Pentax K, M42, Micro-Four-Thirds, Leica M and Leica L.