Hinweis: OPC Optics erwirbt Markenrechte an Meyer Optik Görlitz nach Insolvenz der Koblenzer net SE.

Forderungen gegenüber der net SE verbleiben bei der net SE. Kunden und Lieferanten müssen sich bezüglich dieser Angelegenheiten an den Verwalter der net SE wenden.

Insolvenzverwalter: Kanzlei Lieser - Dr. Alexander Jüchser - Josef-Görres-Platz 5 - 56068 Koblenz - Tel.: +49 (0) 261 304790 - Fax: +49 (0) 261 9114729 - Email: info@lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de - Web: http://www.lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de

Pressemitteilung zur Übernahme der Markenrechte aufrufen.

Ein Kauf von Objektiven über diese Seite ist nicht mehr möglich. Ein neuer Internetauftritt erwartet Sie Anfang 2019.

Bei Fragen zum Thema "Neustart Meyer Optik Görlitz" nutzen Sie bitte nachstehende Kontaktdaten. Dies können Sie auch tun, wenn Sie Interesse daran haben ein Objektiv zu erwerben.

OPC Optical Precision Components Europe GmbH
Mainzer Strasse 32
55545 Bad Kreuznach
Telefon: +496718876970
E-Mail: support@opc-optics.de

Note: OPC Optics acquires trademark rights in Meyer Optik Görlitz after insolvency of Koblenzer net SE.

Debts from net SE remain with net SE. Customers and suppliers must therefore contact the administrator of net SE regarding these matters.

Insolvency administrator: Kanzlei Lieser - Dr. Alexander Jüchser - Josef-Görres-Platz 5 - 56068 Koblenz - Phone: +49 (0) 261 304790 - Fax: +49 (0) 261 9114729 - Email: info@lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de - Web: http://www.lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de

Press release on the acquisition of trademark rights.

A purchase of lenses via this site is no longer possible. A new website awaits you at the beginning of 2019.

If you have any questions about "Re-start Meyer Optik Görlitz", please use the contact details below. You can also do this if you are interested in purchasing a lens.

OPC Optical Precision Components Europe GmbH
Mainzer Strasse 32
55545 Bad Kreuznach
Phone: +496718876970
E-Mail: support@opc-optics.de

Warranty Conditions

MEYER OPTIK GÖRLITZ 5-year lenses guarantee

Voluntary guarantee provided by net SE (hereinafter also referred to as Meyer-Optik-Görlitz) for the first 5 years following the purchase of new products.

The preconditions for any claim are that the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ lense(s) concerned were placed on the market by net SE. Any claims arising from this guarantee shall only be made when the product was registered within 8 weeks of purchase (in addition to the guarantee certificate and card, the printed sales receipt is also required as evidence).

Guarantee provided by net SE, Moselufer 50, 56073 Koblenz, Germany.

net SE undertakes to provide the consumer with an independent 5-year guarantee from purchase date for selected lenses, which can be chosen from the registration list on the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ website (www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com) and are registered within 8 weeks of purchase, regardless of existing statutory rights regarding material defects and defects of title.

In the event that the product develops a defect as a result of a material or manufacturing fault during this guarantee period, we will either repair it free of charge, at our discretion, or replace it with a non-defective product.

The precondition for any claim arising from the 5-year guarantee is proof of the purchase date via presentation of the original printed sales receipt and the 5-year guarantee certificate that was generated on registration.

The guarantee must be carried out by the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ service, to which the device in question is sent. The cost of repairs not carried out by the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ service shall not be refunded.

The guarantee does not extend to damage, defects or malfunctions caused by disregard of the operating instructions, improper usage, impact, knocks or contamination through moisture, sand, dust, dirt or leaking batteries.

In addition, the guarantee does not extend to damage caused or worsened by improper repair attempts.

The guarantee does not cover the repair, maintenance or replacement of parts, whose damage or wear is a standard consequence of normal use.

The guarantee not does apply to modifications made to the product without the express consent of the manufacturer.

In addition, no claims may be made in the event that the model and/or serial number is removed, modified or made illegible.

This guarantee is not transferable. It only covers the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ products, which were issued this 5-year guarantee and were available in the registration list at the time of purchase. The guarantee does not apply to used and/or privately purchased goods. net SE shall be liable for damages including but not limited to those pursuant to mandatory statutory regulations, specifically the German Product Liability Act. Guarantee claims shall not include claims for replacement due to destroyed film or memory cards, unnecessary development costs, lost data, batteries, travel costs, lost earnings, fees or other damages caused by defects in any way.

No further assurances, particularly issued guarantees, are binding, whether given expressly or implied by third parties, with the exception of those, which have already been confirmed. Provided that the purchaser has acquired the MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ product as a consumer as defined by the law, any resulting legal deficiency claims against the seller are not limited by this guarantee.


Keep your guarantee card, sales receipt and guarantee certificate in a safe place. net SE is not liable for the loss of such items and will not issue any replacements.

By registering a product, the consumer agrees to his or her personal details being stored by net SE. These details will only be used for the intended purpose and will not be disclosed to third parties.

If you are returning a product for repair, please send it to MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ in protective packaging, along with a detailed description of the fault, your completed guarantee card, your sales receipt, your guarantee receipt/confirmation email and, if necessary, images to illustrate the fault.
It is in your interest to organise sufficient insurance for the shipment. net SE only accepts independent submissions from within Germany and only carries out independent returns within Germany.

If net SE ascertains that there are no grounds for a free service on a received device according to these guarantee conditions, the consumer will be informed of this and the expected repair costs. If the consumer does not issue a repair order within two weeks, the device will be returned without having been repaired.