The first thing you realize is that in its standard mode, you get the same the signature bokeh that you find with the Trioplan 100mm. It’s that swirling bokeh that can give portraits with the Trioplan 50 a surreal background blur.
There’s still time to get your hands on Meyer-Optik’s new high-performance Primagon 24 for half the cost of its expected retail price – but that deal, which is part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Trioplan 35+, will end Thursday.
What happens when you mix a little bit of rain, long(ish) nighttime exposure and soap bubble bokeh? You get these fun shots...
German photographer Firat Bagdu admits he really wasn’t sure what to expect when he got off the plane in Havana, Cuba.
We talked with Dr. Stefan Immes, the founder and leader behind the Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz brand ...
If you’ve followed the rejuvenation of the Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz brand over the last three years, then you’re likely familiar with the role that the crowd-funding website has played in the German company’s rebirth.
The first modern Trioplan 50s have been shipped out to people who backed our campaign to revive the legendary lens on Kickstarter.
A brief introduction to effect photography. What do passionate landscape photographers actually do when the days are shorter and gloomier? Okay, so winter does have its charm in many places.
“How do you actually create images like that?” is something we are often asked when we share our latest collection of nature photographs on Facebook.
here’s a tendency when you travel, especially on trips to “exotic” locations, to over pack your photo gear. I know that I fall into that trap all the time. I usually end up bringing lenses that I never use and other pieces of gear that do nothing more than add weight to my bag.
Each day leading up to Christmas, we’ll post a different photo onto our Facebook page. We’ll pick a winner randomly from everyone who likes or shares each day’s image.
We wanted to give René Coburger another opportunity to tell us about the Trioplan. René was in charge of the first studio test shoot for the prototype and the result was the stunning ...
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