Hinweis: OPC Optics erwirbt Markenrechte an Meyer Optik Görlitz nach Insolvenz der Koblenzer net SE.

Forderungen gegenüber der net SE verbleiben bei der net SE. Kunden und Lieferanten müssen sich bezüglich dieser Angelegenheiten an den Verwalter der net SE wenden.

Insolvenzverwalter: Kanzlei Lieser - Dr. Alexander Jüchser - Josef-Görres-Platz 5 - 56068 Koblenz - Tel.: +49 (0) 261 304790 - Fax: +49 (0) 261 9114729 - Email: info@lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de - Web: http://www.lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de

Pressemitteilung zur Übernahme der Markenrechte aufrufen.

Ein Kauf von Objektiven über diese Seite ist nicht mehr möglich. Ein neuer Internetauftritt erwartet Sie Anfang 2019.

Bei Fragen zum Thema "Neustart Meyer Optik Görlitz" nutzen Sie bitte nachstehende Kontaktdaten. Dies können Sie auch tun, wenn Sie Interesse daran haben ein Objektiv zu erwerben.

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Telefon: +496718876970
E-Mail: support@opc-optics.de

Note: OPC Optics acquires trademark rights in Meyer Optik Görlitz after insolvency of Koblenzer net SE.

Debts from net SE remain with net SE. Customers and suppliers must therefore contact the administrator of net SE regarding these matters.

Insolvency administrator: Kanzlei Lieser - Dr. Alexander Jüchser - Josef-Görres-Platz 5 - 56068 Koblenz - Phone: +49 (0) 261 304790 - Fax: +49 (0) 261 9114729 - Email: info@lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de - Web: http://www.lieser-rechtsanwaelte.de

Press release on the acquisition of trademark rights.

A purchase of lenses via this site is no longer possible. A new website awaits you at the beginning of 2019.

If you have any questions about "Re-start Meyer Optik Görlitz", please use the contact details below. You can also do this if you are interested in purchasing a lens.

OPC Optical Precision Components Europe GmbH
Mainzer Strasse 32
55545 Bad Kreuznach
Phone: +496718876970
E-Mail: support@opc-optics.de

Image licensing agreement

Image licensing agreement

between the image creator, hereinafter “image creator” and net SE, Moselufer 50, D-56073 Koblenz, Germany, hereinafter „net SE“

The purpose of this agreement is to grant net SE the necessary usage rights to electronic images, which are provided to net SE as part of a collaboration. In order to avoid any doubt, this agreement applies to all images provided to net SE by the image creator via the contact form on the meyer-optik-goerlitz.com website, unless expressly agreed otherwise. This agreement shall be valid without the need for a signature from the moment the image creator makes one or more images available to net SE by means of an upload. net SE should therefore have the same rights as the image creator, as far as is permitted by law.

1. Subject/granting of rights

By uploading images to meyer-optik-goerlitz.com, the relevant party confirms that he or she is the image creator.

As the sole owner of all unlimited rights to the images, slides and graphic representations provided, the image creator grants net SE unlimited usage rights both inside and outside of Germany.

The image creator confirms that he or she is free to grant unlimited usage rights for the image, that it is free from any third-party rights and that there are no provisions that contradict this agreement.

2. net SE’s rights and obligations

net SE may produce copies and catalogues, microfilm, electronically save and transfer images, publish them online and elsewhere and use them in any way that it deems appropriate.

Subject to the consent of the image creator, net SE is entitled to seek recognition of authorship (Section 13 of the German Copyright Act) and even pursue potential damage claims if and to the extent that this is deemed reasonable and likely to succeed.

net SE shall handle the images provided with care and due diligence, but assumes no liability in the event of force majeure or negligence of a third party. net SE shall not be held liable for the originals provided.

3. Use of images/persons depicted

If the image creator does not stipulate otherwise, he or she confirms that his or her images may also be used in a form other than the original, e.g. in excerpts, montages, altered with the aid of photographic or electronic technology, coloured or black and white from colour. net SE will ensure as far as possible that design quality is not compromised.

The image creator confirms that any persons depicted consent to the image being published, unless such consent is not needed (Section 23 of the German Art Copyright Act). This also applies to using the image for advertising, symbolic contexts, etc.

The image creator assumes responsibility for any claims by third parties against net SE and those pursued as a result of misinformation by the image creator with regard to copyright and image rights.

4. Remuneration

All claims against net SE are settled.

6. Final clause

Any amendment or addition to this agreement must be made in writing; the same applies to a waiver of this requirement. If any of the provisions of this agreement are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provisions shall be reformulated in such a way that the intended purpose is fulfilled.